Unbreakable: Who was the Zodiac killer?

 作者:苌摈蹰     |      日期:2019-03-14 08:11:03
By MacGregor Campbell Read more: “Unbreakable: Eight codes we can’t crack“ Famous for peace, love, and tie-dye, San Francisco in the late 1960s was also the setting for one of the creepiest real-life murder mysteries in American history. From December 1968 to October 1969, a serial killer using the moniker “Zodiac” murdered at least seven people. The killer taunted local police and newspapers with handwritten letters containing threats, claims of further undiscovered victims, and coded messages. The supposed killer claimed that the solutions would reveal an identity when they were all solved. Some never were, and the killer was never caught. The first three codes were encrypted by replacing letters with symbols. But there was a twist: some of the more frequent letters, like “e”, were assigned to multiple symbols. This made it difficult to solve by simple codebreaking techniques like looking for more commonly used letters. The three were eventually cracked by supposing that the words “kill” or “killing” would be in the message. When the results were combined, they formed a single, longer message that described the pleasure the murderer took in killing and described a motivation based on supernatural forces, but no clues as to his or her identity. In November 1969, Zodiac sent a code to the local papers that law-enforcers still believe could hold the key to solving the case. At 340 characters, it is shorter than the first three codes, and didn’t use the same encryption method. Dan Olson, chief of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Cryptanalysis and Racketeering Records Unit, says the code, known as Z-340,