Patents: Shell-suited sheep

 作者:申屠赔     |      日期:2019-02-28 01:06:01
By BARRY FOX If you happen to see sheep dressed in shell suits, don’t doubt the evidence of your eyes. Pitman-Moore Australia of New South Wales is filing patent applications (PCT 93/14627) on a method for shearing sheep without shears. The sheep are fed a biological depilatory agent, which makes their hair fall out. Previous attempts have failed because the hair falls out in patches over a period of weeks, and is deposited over a wide area of the sheep’s grazing ground. Now each sheep will be dressed in a fitted coat made from ski pant material. Inside the coat are hundreds of tiny plastic hooks. The sheep is dressed in the shell suit just after it has been treated with the depilatory agent. The fleece becomes matted on the hooks as it is shed over the following six weeks,